Meet Our Team

Lester Mock

Founder, Editor-In-Chief

Lester formed the company in hopes of bringing our readers an all-in-one site for their technology, computer, and recreation interests. He aims to cover not only the latest tech updates but also the best educational content that also tackles the rigorous training, as well as the education required in every technological innovation.

Warren Delaney

Senior Writer, Head of Product Testing

Warren collaborates with other tech companies to try out the latest products, and shares his insight on each of them through writing and blog posts.

Franklin Josephson

Writer, Tech Expert

Franklin owns a tech review blog, and Lester was one of his first clients. They've built mutual trust over the years, and Franklin eventually joined the team after a year of being a consultant in the field of computer science.

Finley Clayton

Head of Content Development

Finley handles the proofreading and fact-checking of each of our writer's content, ensuring we uphold the excellent quality content we promise our readers.

Elwin Lewin

Senior Writer

Elwin, along with our other writers, is the spine of our team. He has been awarded our writer of the year 2020 and has contributed content based on our readers' requested topics.